Develop questions about the practice change process and how practice change

A‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍ssignment: Implementing Change – Your interview should be 2000-2500 words and should include at least three (3) citations. Clearly mark each heading to identify the interviews and summaries. Follow the guidelines for APA writing style. Be sure to use APA guidelines for referencing in an interview. Interview a Nursing Leader. Develop questions about the practice change process and how practice change was used to influence patient outcomes. Discuss how the outcome was chosen and what goals were intended by the practice change process. Include how success or failure was achieved and what metrics were developed or used to determine the outcome of the practice change. Include a discussion of the practice change process, what the Nursing Leader’s expectations were and if these expectations were met. Describe anything the Nursing Leader would have liked to done differently in implementing the change. Assignment Expectations Length: 2000–2500-word essay; answers must thoroughly address the questions. References, title page and Table of contents are not included in the word count. Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA style. Pages must be numbered and must include table of contents (if applicable) References: Use the appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. Include at least three (3) scholarly sources to support your claims. MUST BE FIVE YEARS OLD OR LESS Format: Save your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint document and a Word document (.pptx) and (.doc or .docx) or Open Office Impress. IMPORTANT: Must be less than 15% on Turnitin (Plagiarism site) READING/BOOKS • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Edition) – 9781433832154 • Health Care Systems Transformation for Nursing and Health Care Leaders – 978-0826196439 GRADING RUBRIC/CRITERIA Does Not Meet 0% Approaches 70% Meets 80% Exceeds 100% Criterion Score MY GOAL IS HIGHLIGHTED IN PURPLE BUT NOTHING LOWER THAN 86% Content Weight: 30% 0 points Topic is inappropriate to assignment, inaccurate understanding of concepts, unclear and difficult to understand; does not address many assignment requirements. Information has weak or no connection to the assignment topic. 21 points Topic is mostly covered and appropriate to assignment, but does not adequately demonstrate accurate understanding of concepts; mostly clear and understandable; lacks some of the requirements of the assignment description and/or provides little detail; Information relates to the main topic, but few details and/or examples are given. 24 points Topic is covered completely and appropriate to assignment; overview of key concept dimensions is evident; clear and understandable; addresses all of the requirements of the assignment description, with adequate attention to detail. 30 points In-depth coverage of topic; outstanding clarity and explanation of concepts demonstrated in information presented; approaches assignment with depth and breadth, without redundancy, using clear and focused details. Score of Content Weight: 30%,/ 30 Organization Weight: 25% 0 points Organization is confusing and interferes with reader’s ability to follow ideas. Weak or no introduction of topic or purpose is unclear, weak, or missing. Conclusion lacks a summary of topic, or is missing or irrelevant. points Ideas are sometimes disorganized or irrelevant; Flow is sometimes choppy; somewhat clear organization. Basic introduction that states topic but is presented in an uninteresting way. Conclusion contains basic summary of topic without final concluding ideas, may inappropriately introduces new information. 20 points Structures ideas in a coherent, organized order that has good flow and an obvious framework. Proficient introduction that is interesting and states topic. Conclusion contains good summary of topic with credible concluding ideas and introduces no new information. 25 points Exceptionally clear, logical, mature, and thorough organization permitting smooth flow of ideas; Introduction that grabs interest of reader and states topic in clear, unambiguous terms. Excellent concluding summary with succinct and precise ideas that impact reader. Score of Organization Weight: 25%,/ 25 Logic/Argument Weight: 15% 0 points Demonstrates little logical reasoning for the claims and thoughts within assignment; Many claims are weak or illogical. points Lacks some logical reasoning for the claims and thoughts within the assignment; Some claims are weak. 12 points Uses solid logical reasoning for the claims and thoughts within the assignment. 15 points Provides exemplary logical reasoning for the claims and thoughts within the assignment. Score of Logic/Argument Weight: 15%,/ 15 Support Weight: 20% 0 points Lacks support; Uses poor sources for references; Citations lack credibility, relevance, or academic quality or are not current; Does not meet the minimum number of required citations in assignment description. APA format and style are not evident. 14 points Provides weak support or not enough support; Citations are not consistently credible, current, relevant or academic; Meets the minimum number of required citations in assignment description Missing APA elements; in-text citations, where necessary, are used but formatted inaccurately and not referenced. 16 points Provides sufficient support with credible, current, relevant academic citations; Meets the minimum number of required citations in assignment description. ; In-text citations and a reference page are present with few format errors. Mechanics of writing are reflective of APA style. 20 points Provides very strong support from credible, current, relevant, academic citations; Meets or exceeds the minimum number of required citations in assignment description. Accurate citations and references are presented. No APA errors are evident. Score of Support Weight: 20%,/ 20 Quality of Written Communication Weight: 10% 0 points Style and voice inappropriate or do not address given audience, purpose, etc. Word choice is excessively redundant, clichéd, and unspecific. Inconsistent grammar, spelling, punctuation, and paragraphing. Surface errors are pervasive enough that they impede communication of meaning. 7 points Style and voice ‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍are somewhat appropriate to given audience and purpose. Word choice is often unspecific, generic, redundant, and clichéd. Repetitive mechanical errors distract the reader. Inconsistencies in language, sentence structure, and/or word choice are present. 8 points Style and voice are appropriate to the given audience and purpose. Word choice is specific and purposeful, and somewhat varied throughout. Minimal mechanical or typographical errors are present, but are not overly distracting to the reader. Correct sentence structure and audience-appropriate language are used. 10 points Style and voice are not only appropriate to the given audience and purpose, but also show originality and creativity. Word choice is specific, purposeful, dynamic and varied. Free of mechanical and typographical errors. A variety of sentence structures and effective figures of speech are used. Writer is clearly in command of standard, written, academic English. Score of Quality of Written Communication Weight: 10%,/ 10 Writing Style for an APA Paper Description Guidelines and Examples ORGANIZATION and STRUCTURE Read the assignment; highlight the elements that must be in the paper – be sure that each of these elements in addressed in the purpose. IF you are unsure about what you are to do, for example –critique, look up the term to be sure that you are ‘doing’ what is expected. Failure to complete the full assignment will result in loss of grade points. Organization is the internal structure of a piece of writing, the thread of central meaning that ties the piece together from beginning to ending. Begin with perhaps one to two sentences about the general topic. Followed by one to three sentences that describe in detail the purpose of the paper. A piece of solid academic writing: • begins with an introduction regarding the piece’s primary purpose or theme, which prepares the reader for what is to come, (., thesis statement). Students are asked to paraphrase the stated purpose of the assignment including all components in the introduction • ends with a conclusion that summarizes the key points of the piece, draws conclusions, and generally provides closure for the reader. The conclusion is a mirror image of the introduction; there is never new material added to the conclusion. The body of a piece of academic writing can be organized around a variety of structures. Students are not considered experts; therefore, any statements made that have not been previously developed and supported by references is considered unsubstantiated; fails to meet academic writing standards. SO, use references; not many quotes, but be sure that your definitive statements are supported. Examples of organizing structures: • Main Idea/Thesis with Supporting Details/Evidence; internal consistency within the paper—if in the introduction there is (a), (b), & (c), then in the paper each point is to be presented in order in the body of the paper. • Comparison-Contrast; know the difference (APA uses Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary; this can be accessed online) • Critique versus Analyze; know the difference (APA uses Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary; this can be accessed online) • Deductive Logic • Point-by-Point Analysis • Development of Central Theme • Chronology or History (., of an event, process, era) • Strategies versus Action Plan Solid academic writing uses transitional words and phrases to provide logical connections and sequencing. Graduate students are expected to have a greater word use than undergraduates. Practice using new words that ‘mean’ what you might usually say. However, be careful with use of word strings that have little meaning and diminish clarity; APA calls this ‘wordiness’ Examples of transitional words: • Addition: also, again, as well as, besides • Consequence: accordingly, as a result, consequently, for this reason • Generalizing: as a rule, as usual, generally • Illustration: for example, for instance, for one thing • Emphasis: above all, chiefly, with attention to, especially, particularly • Similarity: comparatively, coupled with, correspondingly • Exception: aside from, barring, besides, except, excluding • Restatement: in essence, in other words, namely • Comparison: in contrast, by the same token, conversely, instead, likewise • Summarizing: after all, all in all, briefly, in any case, in any event, in conclusion, in short, in summary, finally MECHANICS Download: Free version of Grammarly Description Guidelines and Examples Solid academic writing is characterized by the proper use of conventions and mechanics and sentence structure, including: spelling, grammar, paragraphing, capitalization, and punctuation. Examples of Conventions and Mechanics in Academic Writing: • Proper Use of Capitalization, Punctuation, Quotation Marks • Subject/Verb Agreement • Proper Use of Pronouns; if you have a question, check your APA guide; if it’s not there, reword the sentence or use the noun. • Technical Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Units of Measurement • Paragraphs that are indented; consisting of three or more sentences • Use of Title Page, Headers: APA 7th edition is expected • Avoiding the Use of: Contractions, Incomplete and Run-on Sentences WORD CHOICE and USAGE In solid academic writing, the use of language is precise, with correct word usage and appropriate word choice. In good descriptive writing, strong word choice clarifies and expands ideas. In persuasive writing, careful word choice moves the reader to a new vision of possibilities; your writing should have the reader say “wow that was terrible”; the writer doesn’t write ‘that was terrible’. Effective word choice depends less on an exceptional vocabulary and more on the skill to use everyday words well. Use a thesaurus for new words with more specific meaning: For example, “pronounce” for “say”, “embarkation” for “start.” In academic writing, “it” is not acceptable. Make sure the r‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‍‍‌‍‍eader knows what the subject of each sentence is; clarity is key to effective APA format and Graduate level writing skill

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