What makes one culture stand out from another?

I have completed a proposal for this paper and I need to add about 2000 words to the document that I have posted below along with additional resources, need about 4 more. I have also added the feedback from the Professor as to what needs to be adjusted and fixed upon writing it.
The Proposal to this topic is posted below. It explains what I need to write about. It has the references included as well.
Executive Summary
How are different cultures perceived around the world? What makes one culture stand out from another? What can we do to identify what that culture is and how is it represented? These questions come into the mind of individuals trying to grasp other cultures and understand metaphors that tie in with them. In this report, what is cross cultural communication and how are the metaphors used identified with that country. Some examples that people relate to countries and what they mean are they tie ice hockey with Canada. They see this as a cultural significance because if you’re from the north you may have an idea on what ice hockey is about. This essay intends to investigate American football as a significant cultural symbol for the United States, as well as the sport’s view by others throughout the world American football is intertwined with American culture, and the Super Bowl is seen as a significant social phenomenon by the majority of those who identify as US citizens. Surprisingly, the sport is not well-known outside of the United States, with most countries selecting soccer or rugby as their national sports. The other aspect this will be related to is the strategy and war needed for preparing to be on the field or in a meeting. If one can understand American Football, then they can have a strong idea on what American Corporations are and how they run and do business.
Cross Cultural Identification
A cultural metaphor refers to a major national activity or phenomenon with which most of the citizens in a country identify emotionally, cognitively, and socially. Through a social allegory, it is possible to describe the state values of a nation as well as provide an in-depth frame of reference. The Super Bowl and American football, in general, are major cultural metaphors for the United States and its citizens. This essay aims to examine American football as an important cultural metaphor for the United States as well as the perception of others around the globe on the sport.
American football is synonymous with the US culture, and the Super Bowl is considered an important social phenomenon by most individuals who identify as US citizens. Strangely enough, the sport is hardly popular outside the United States, with most countries favoring soccer and rugby as their national pastime. American football evolved from a combination of two English sports, namely, soccer and rugby. Most people outside the United States have difficulty understanding the classic cultural metaphor, which is American football. In fact, apart from the US, the name football is used to describe soccer, which is played with feet. This is a sharp contrast from American football, whereby players largely rely on their arms. The sport pits two teams of eleven players against each other. It possesses numerous markers that make it a true reflection of the American identity, including military-like strategy and a culture of male solidarity as well as conflict (Corbin, 2012). The beliefs promoted by American football include male bravado, unpredictable outcomes, pregame parties, individualism, the celebration of perfection, and recognition of the importance of rules and regulations.
Tailgate Party Aligns with Strategy
The tailgate party is an important aspect of American football where fans drive across the country to attend a game before holding an outdoor party outside the stadium. The bash is all-inclusive, with friends and strangers having fun before the start of the game in what exemplifies the spirit of positive competition and sportsmanship (Bor, 2014). After celebrations, fans attend the game before leaving for their daily lives, which are highly combative and fast-paced, with each trying to get ahead in life even at the expense of others. The previously exhibited hospitality is soon forgotten, especially if the team an individual supports loses. This aspect of American football mirrors the US society, especially corporate America’s behavior. Before a meeting or negotiation starts, both sides are often hospitable and warm to each other, exchanging ideas on general topics while taking refreshments. Once this phase is completed, fans get down to the ‘real’ business where all etiquette is forgotten as each party attempts to get concessions at the expense of the other because selfish goals take precedence.
Halftime entertainment is also another vital aspect of American football that embodies American culture. Before the game, as well as during the half-time period, there is a lot of entertainment available for fans. The halftime show is one of the most anticipated events in the Super Bowl, the premier event in American football.
The halftime show is symbolic of the American work ethic where individuals can get very competitive but recognize the value of the recreational period (Gannon et al., 2015). During half-time, it is time to take a breath and celebrate the common heritage of Americans through popular cultural icons in music and entertainment before the resumption of the competition. Americans place great value in their recreational activities and leisure. Nonetheless, they are also considered some of the most hardworking people on the globe. Once the fun is over, players and Americans return to the hustle or the field of play with the intention of winning in any way.
Strategy and war are also important hallmarks of American football. The sport is not simply a game but a collection of common ideals and beliefs. The American business culture is reflected in the high degree of specialization, intensity, speed, and teamwork witnessed in US football. Strategy is critical for success in American football as it is in corporate America where the owners periodically attend games played and expect a good performance from their performers or employees. The coaches in football are considered the CEOs or de facto leaders who are responsible for the development of a sound strategy as well as provision of oversight to all activities of the team.
Selection of Different Parties
The head coach has assistants who are in charge of specific functions such as defense, offense, or passing. The chief instructor is responsible for calling most shows executed by the quarterback and the rest of the team. Players are rewarded according to their performance, just like in corporate America, where pay is directly proportional to productivity (Gannon, 2018). For instance, the left tackle who provides cover or protection for the quarterback often receives a better compensation package compared to the quarterback. Similarly, American society rewards individual contributions with commercial success with innovators such as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos considered rich for their performance.
Selection is also another critical aspect of American football that is a metaphor for US society. There is significant emphasis on selecting and training the right players both in American football and business. American companies and football clubs invest huge amounts of resources in acquiring and developing world-class talent that can guarantee success in regular games as well as the biggest stage of them all, the Super Bowl. Selected individuals are provided with additional training on the playbook, their specialized roles, and responsibilities, as well as the plays of the opposing team. Huddling is critical to winning the game and teams have a hurdle after every play to strategize on their offense or defense. This high level of strategizing is also present in the business dealings of most Americans. Hurdling is often deployed in the organizational context to pursue corporate goals and resolve problems that may arise (Qiang, 2011). Case in point, Walmart adopted the practice of having a 10-minute meeting every morning where everyone is on their feet to ensure a speedy meeting and to guarantee that all stakeholders are aware of their roles and responsibilities of the day.
The intricacy of football also reflects how complex American culture is, especially where modern business is concerned. American football has numerous rules that players have to adhere to in order to increase their chances of winning. In-depth knowledge of the guidelines of the game improves the ability of an individual to succeed as it provides vital insight into opportunities to create offense or shutdown that of the opponents (Han, 2019). Corporate America and the society in the US, in general, are reflective of the complexity found in American football. Citizens are expected to adhere to the set rules in order for fair play to determine the right winner.
Winning a football game also requires a team to have complex plays that can confuse their opponents and provide a competitive advantage in the stadium. It also exemplifies the co-existence of individual competitiveness and teamwork, in that, despite each player specializing in a certain area, they all contribute to the winning formula.
Ceremonial Celebrations and Culture
American football is also known for its high risk, unpredictable outcomes, aggression, as well as huge returns. This exemplifies the spirit of Americans who are risk-takers driven by the likelihood of higher returns. The American dream encourages the assumption of peril as the key to achieving high yield outcomes; hence the popular phrase ‘no risk, no gain.’ The outcomes of football games, especially during the Super Bowl are highly unpredictable. The implication of this is that it creates a situation where the game can go either way. This is the attitude of America, which promotes the idea of rags to riches whereby anyone can make it with hard work and dedication. This mirrors the observation of modern American philosopher Martin Gannon who claimed that anyone who fails to understand American football would recognize American culture as very challenging.
Last but not least, American football and culture are also characterized by the ceremonial celebration of perfection. America solemnly revels its heroes as a testament to the value of individual sacrifice and hard work as well as a true embodiment of the American dream (Gannon et al., 2015). Professional athletes, especially football stars, are the modern heroes of American culture and promote the notion of Americans as exceptional. The American culture promotes personal ambition and success by celebrating individual achievement and performance,. The symbolic celebration of perfection is also linked to the religious beliefs of Americans. This is clearly evident in the playing of the national anthem and the silent prayers as well as the gratitude given to God when a player avoids serious injury. Despite its secular foundation, the United States remains a very religious state, and this is reflected symbolically in corporate America and professional sport.
Bor, Collins. (2014) Cultural Metaphor of the USA. https://www.academia.edu/25401865/CULTURAL_METAPHOR_OF_THE_USA#:~:text=The%20American%20football%20has%20been%20used%20to%20as,two%20sides%20of%20eleven%20players%20against%20each%20other.
Corbin, Akhentoolove; Punnett, Betty Jane and Onifa, Nyzinga. (2012) Using cultural metaphors to understand management in the Caribbean. International Journal of Cross Cultural Management. 12(3) 269–275. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/1470595812440152
Gannon, Artin J. (2015) Cultural Metaphors as Frames of Reference for Nations: A Six-Country Study, International Studies of Management & Organization, 35:4, 37-47, DOI: 10.1080/00208825.2005.11043744
Gannon, M. J. (2011). Cultural Metaphors: Their Use in Management Practice as a Method for Understanding Cultures. Online Readings in Psychology and Culture, 7(1). https://doi.org/10.9707/2307-0919.106
Han, Jianghua (2019) The Study of Thai Elephant Culture Based on the “Elephant Metaphors” in Thai Idioms, Comparative Literature: East & West, 3:2, 148-162, DOI: 10.1080/25723618.2019.1701306. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/citedby/10.1080/25723618.2019.1701306?scroll=top&needAccess=true
Qiang, Huang (2011) A Study on the Metaphor of “Red” in Chinese Culture. American International Journal of Contemporary Research Vol. 1 No. 3; November 2011. http://aijcrnet.com/journals/Vol_1_No_3_November_2011/13.pdf
Overall Feedback
Executive summary: an executive summary and an introduction are not the same. An executive summary summarizes the paper.
Instead of cross Cultural Identification, make it an introduction or Introduction: Cross-Cultural Identification
Overall, your paper is a very good first draft. You can re-organize your paper using sample paper format:
Section One: The United States of America’s Cultural Metaphor
Geographical Location
Cultural Metaphor: describe and dig out some important features of your metaphor.
Section 2: Culture and Business Management in The United States of America
Create some sub-headings (individualism and American business, Strategy, leadership-style, decision making …), and relate them with basic features of your cultural metaphor.
Keep your style (discuss metaphor and business management together) by creating more sub-headings that are related to American business management (individualism and American business, Strategy, competitiveness and innovation, leadership-style, decision making …)

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